As a family grows and one’s life becomes more complex there are more resources they need in addition to good legal advice and planning. We have compiled the following list of additional resources as an aid for our clients to consider important issues outside of the legal arena.

Kingsley Business Service, Inc.
A family business designed to meet the needs of your family. They provide tax consulting & preparation, personal financial reporting, bill payment services as well as other types of concierge services.

Community Council on Aging
Most Massachusetts communities have a Council on Aging as authorized by Chapter 40 Section 8B of the General Laws. They can provide a variety of resources to community members who are looking for more information on programs designed for seniors. You can find the office near you in your local phone directory or through the web site of your city or town.

Medicaid Planning
As people plan for the future they sometimes become concerned with how to plan for long-term care expenses. We do not do Medicaid planning. There are lawyers that concentrate in this practice area. Most are members of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. .

Financial Planners
As an individual’s wealth grows they may need further advice on their overall financial situation in order to plan for future goals. Certified Financial Planners have expertise in this area and also have the ability to assist clients in other areas such as locating the appropriate money manager or insurance agent. We do not give investment or money management advice.

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