Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues,


I will be moving my Massachusetts office to One Boston Place in Boston at the end of September. I am delighted to have been invited to join one of Maine's oldest and most respected law firms, Verrill Dana LLP. While the headquarters of Verrill Dana is in Portland, I will be working in the firm's much smaller offices in Boston and in Kennebunk, Maine, continuing my current schedule of being in Maine two weeks per month.

You can get a great overview of my new firm at its website The website includes information about each of the firm's offices as well as directions to them. Shortly after I join the firm, we plan a mailing which will include my new business cards and information about the Estate Planning and Estate Administration Group and about Verrill Dana in general.

I always look forward to hearing from you. My direct dial number (508-479-1065) will continue to reach me whether I am working in Massachusetts or Maine before, during and after my move.


Gail P. Kingsley

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